Emoji Character Sheet Masks!


Yes, there are emoji face masks. O:

Following the cute trend of having decorated face masks, the official iconic emoji brand has these wonderful (and a little creepy) sheet masks! Now you, too, can become your favorite expressive icon. Yay!!!

These started as a joke to wear with my niece. She is mildly into things like this, and emoji (“emojis”?)  are one of her interests.

When I first tried to stretch this new yellow face onto my skin, I had some difficulty with the eye-holes. I assume they are left in for the full effect and image of the emoji, but it was a little awkward to fit. As you can see in the image above, they are really, um, unique.


Reading the package, it promises “lifting, hydrating, brightening and soothing”. I have to say, despite the strange application and overall look, it definitely delivered on making my skin feel generally great overall. I was not expecting to feel as refreshed as I did from something that seemed like a novelty.

We were really quite impressed!

(insert shocked emoji here)



(She was the cat with heart eyes, if you can't tell...)

Get Your Own:

I found them at my local Walmart when I originally purchased them. I have found them on Amazon with this keyword search here: Emoji Character Sheet Masks, but the $8.99+ is a little overpriced. You might be better off searching your local store for one of these beauties. =P


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