face masks

Everyday Bouncy by PACKage

How cute is the packaging on Everyday Bouncy by PACKage?

I love the little scene of the sweet little bear under the tree. ❤

Anyways, wow, I definitely need to practice with these ultra delicate face masks. This is a tencel sheet, so it is super soft. I had a lot of trouble getting it onto my face after taking it out of the package. It started to tear when I tried to adjust it. I definitely prefer a mask made from tougher stuff, but it was still fun to try something new.


It was, however, really cool to experience a mask that practically becomes invisible after you put it on! It felt very clean on my skin, and felt like it was working right away.


At first my skin looked pretty glowing and great- but for reasons unknown, I definitely ended up breaking out the next morning. Not sure if there was something in the mask that my skin didn’t agree with, or if it was something unrelated! I definitely initially had great looking skin after application though, so it’s worth trying again!

Get Your Own:

Buy online from skin18 ~ $1.80


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