face masks

Pretty Animalz, LookBeauty

Release your inner Animalz!

This mask by LookBeauty is just too cute! I love how they decided to fit it across the face, and the little details really make it fantastic to show off. I didn’t feel as creepy sporting this mask around the house as I did with the emoji one, that’s for sure.

In addition to this tiger mask, you can also get one with a panda face. Adorable! (The panda is for calming the skin while the tiger targets moisturizing.)

This one went on pretty easy, but I did have trouble with it staying in place. It didn’t want to stay on my face either, even though I do the same routine and cleanser before application with all my face masks.


It wasn’t a super noticeable difference in the overall appearance of my skin. Yes, my skin felt a little more moisturized, I suppose. Nothing special in the overall result, but it was so darn cute!

Get Your Own:

You can purchase either the panda or the tiger at Target! ~ $3.99

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