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SNP Cat Wrinkle Face Art Mask

Masks by SNP (Shining Natural Purity) seem to have a great reputation, and generally positive reviews online, from what I have seen. They claim to use natural and safe ingredients. That lead me to try this mask when I came across it at my local Ulta.

I love cats, so wearing a skincare product that features a cute pink kitty on my face seemed like a fabulous idea. =^ouo^=

This mask went on easily, no rips or tears like some other masks I have tried to form on my face, and failed miserably.

It had a clean scent and feel, right away. The actual character on the mask was not as vivid and clear as I had hoped. It seemed rather faded and hard to see with their placement. The cute little paws were a nice touch, though! I did, however, enjoy moving my mouth to make it look like the cat was talking. Yeah, …I know.


This mask claims to help to diminish wrinkles. For me, wrinkles are not quite yet an issue, so I honestly can’t speak directly to the product’s effectiveness in wrinkle management. However, it did help firm and moisturize my skin, leaving a very healthy looking shine as well as make the areas around my eyes appear more energized.

Get Your Own:

You can find these masks at Ulta. Online, $5.

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