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My Beauty Diary- Mexico

My Beauty Diary is another big name for sheet masks. This is the first one I have tried by them, but also the brand I have heard and seen a lot about their products. I was super excited to try something from them, and see how their reputation held up.

I love the design of the package. I guess the name comes from the ingredients used in this particular mask. Online I found rough translations about “Mexican resurrection plant/grass”, which is supposedly a tough little plant when it comes to thriving in harsh environments .  My Beauty Diary is also not the only one using it in their products, from what I’ve searched. Well anyways,… I like the sombrero.

img_9564So, opening this mask, it has a shape-holder to make it easier to open up and apply to the face. I really appreciate when products have this, because otherwise I make a mess of those delicate masks trying to unfold them. 😦

It smelled nice and sort of soapy. Overall, a clean smell, but not overly fragrant.

Actual application went smoothly because all I had to do was peel it off and fit it on. I opted for the full 30 minutes on this one. Near the end of the countdown, the mask was actually feeling rather dry  compared to other masks that still are sopping wet at the end of the time. I figured maybe my skin was really absorbing all it had to offer! (Or it could have been because I had to step outside at one point.)



The mask was pretty soft, and stayed on my face well during the duration of waiting for time to pass. I liked that it fit my face’s shape well, with relatively few adjustments.



Wow, this mask is amazing! It claims to help with pore size, purifying and moisturizing. Pore size on my nose area is one of my biggest problems that I deal with. They always feel huuuuge. Well after I rubbed in the remaining residue, as directed, there was such a difference! My pores looked much less visible, and my face had a healthy look and feel. I was literally petting my face for hours after, which probably is rather detrimental to my complexion- but it’s soo soft!

I even was complimented by family members for having very clear skin, so it seemed like quite a big deal! Overall, I would say that this particular mask lived up to the hype of the product’s name and met my expectations. Thanks, My Beauty Diary! Definitely going to order more of these and try out some of their other products.

Get Your Own:

You can purchase this one from MochiBeaute ~ $2.75



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