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Luffa Oil Control Mask- FaceQ

Wow, this mask is very fragrant!

Usually when I open up a mask, they might smell a little soapy, but not usually so overwhelming. When I opened this one, I was instantly greeted by a sweet and almost “alcohol-esque” scent. Looking at the ingredients, I’m sure there’s quite a few contributing to that scent. Nevertheless, I was excited to see how this would work on my skin.



I am always happy to see the packaging come with something to keep the mask’s shape. I am not that great at unpacking masks that don’t have one of these, so this little extra add-in is SOO helpful for me!

The mask also came with slits to help customize the fit. I thought it was a little awkward that the eye-holes on this one felt unusually small though.


Still getting over sickness in my home, I still had motherly duties to keep up on, of course. So, bonus pics of my son totally interested in what was on my face. -pokepoke-



Hnnng. Okay, I REALLY wanted to like this one. I have seen rave reviews of FaceQ masks circulating, and I really liked the packaging and all of the care they put into the design. I just didn’t see the results. The product claims to calm the skin, remove impurities, and leave your skin supple and soft. My skin was broken out afterwards, and I had redness. Perhaps I had a reaction to something in the product, but I just didn’t get the delivery on the promises this time.

Get Your Own:

Maybe you’ll have better luck! Want to try it for yourself? You can get it at MochiBeaute ~ $2.00 for individual mask.



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