face masks

Melt Me Softly PACKage

Whew! I don’t know about your hometown right now, but GOSH- everyone is getting sick around here. We have a pretty nasty stomach bug STILL making rounds.

Also, I happened to be blessed with an upper respiratory infection. So,… awesome.

Anyways, I decided to try another mask by PACKage. This one is a nose strip, so it’s not covering the whole face. The idea behind the term “melt me” is that the company believes the “tear-off” nose strips are harmful for the skin. Instead, this product claims to melt away the black heads. They actually put a lot of great things in this one, such as tree oil, witch hazel, peppermint, grapefruit.. with the main ingredient being lemon extract.

Just as an aside, how adorable is that design on the package!? ❤

img_9610So, this is what I was working with before I tried the strip. I struggle with huge pores on my nose. 😦

I have tried a lot of products, but it’s hard to find something that works consistently. I usually end up using a pore filler for my makeup routine, just so they don’t show up during the day.


I used a toner before application, as directed. 5 minutes in, I felt a slight burning sensation. Like, an invigorating burn…I felt like it was working! It eventually went cool.  (I don’t recall any noticeable scent, but my sinuses aren’t strong right now, either. )





So, there is definitely a visible difference in the pores on my nose. They did look and feel cleaner. The main goal of this mask was to target black heads, and I think it did that well! 🙂 I haven’t had problems with the peel-away masks damaging my skin, but I think this is a great alternative for those of you that might have that worry!


Get Your Own:

You can purchase this one from Skin18 here : ~0.78 cents , on sale right now!




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