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Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheets -Holika Holika

These were just too fun!! I recruited my teenage niece again to help me out with these!

How fun!

So these have quite lengthy names, Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet. Each package targets different issues with the different characters/animals. I knew my niece would be picking the pug, of course. Despite her lack of need for wrinkle care. =P

I chose the panda this time, which focuses on the vitality of the skin. (I’ll have to revisit the others at a later time! If you have a preference between the last two, let me know in the comments below!)

So, I was super bummed that it didn’t have any type of backing to help me out with getting it out of the packaging. That was easily forgiven though by the AMAZING scents on these masks. I described them as some type of herb-esque candy smell. My niece mentioned they smelled like gummy bears.

At first look, they seemed like they were going to be very similar on us. They both had dark circles around the eyes, and the bear-like mouths. However, once they were on us, they –do– have differences…and they are just SO fun!

She’s rocking her pug blanket, and I’ve got on my new spa headband! 😀



The mask instantly felt cool and refreshing. I actually had no trouble putting on this thick mask, and the fit was practically perfect. It went on very smooth, and I didn’t really have wrinkling of the sheet- which was pleasantly surprising. We were both pretty pleased with the experience.




As said before, my niece is not even near her time in life to be worrying about wrinkles, but she did say her skin felt very firm and tight. She had no type of reaction to the ingredients, which is always a plus! It also gave her skin a nice shine.

My skin felt SO nice after application. It was soft, supple, and glowing! Overall left me feeling healthy and clean. It always cracks me up when silly masks actually deliver some amazing results! I am excited to try the remaining masks soon! O: ❤

Get Your Own:

You can get a four pack like me (to party with some friends) from Amazon, ~ $7.99


-eyebrow wiggle-

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