FaceQ Pearl Brightening Mask

I just HAD to give FaceQ another try! After the not-so-happy results with the Luffa Oil Control Mask, I felt like maybe I just needed to try another one, with different ingredients.

The packaging on this one is pretty simple, and I really like the color scheme. This time, the fragrance wasn’t so strong to me when I opened it. It smelled a lot sweeter.


Again, I always appreciate these shape keeping features! The shape and form was a lot like the other mask, with the eye-holes feeling just a little too small.




The sheet went on very easily and smoothly, but still fit my face a little awkwardly.



Overall, I really enjoyed this one! This time FaceQ delivered on those results! My face smelled good, felt clean and looked brightened. Everything felt smooth, and I got those results that I expected from the brand! Yay! SO glad I gave them another chance! NO BREAKOUTS! (-silent cheering-)



Get Your Own:

You can find it here, at MochiBeaute ~ $2


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