face masks


Why are tiny things so adorable??

So, this is a one of many samples I received with my past order from MochiBeaute .  MasKingdom, from what I have read, doesn’t use alcohol in their masks, and uses very safe ingredients. It’s also was a female start-up company! (Woo!!)

I must admit that when I opened this, I was thinking that perhaps it goes on the nose or just a side of my face! I did a little searching, and saw that you test them on your hand, I suppose? (Feel free to tell me otherwise in the comments below 🙂 )

So, that’s what I did with this one.


As you can see, it’s super tiny. Felt very dainty and looks so cute! It smelled almost like a perfume, somewhat fragrant. You can see it pictured here with a nice backer to keep it well formed.


What an elegant and royal design! ❤

I thought it was really interesting that the sample came this way. The packaging was very small as well, and they used the picture from their aboriginal series, but I couldn’t find any way to purchase the full-size in this combination of ingredients. The full-size that uses this art on their packaging is not the same ingredients (Caviar and Taro vs. the sample with Fishwort) – so I am a little lost on how to find the full-size product.


1485400029580So great!!

The tiny area that it covered on my hand above, you can see is very smoothed over, and hydrated. I always have very dry hands from being washed a lot, so the difference is big! It even cleared up some of the redness from my knuckle area. Very impressed with this powerful little sample. I will definitely have to check out their other products in the future!

Get Your Own:

So, as stated above, I couldn’t find this exact combination of ingredients. Especially when the art in the series is used in 2-step masks. Please feel free to comment if you know how to obtain this exact one in full-size!! ❤

However, they have lots of MasKingdom products over at MochiBeaute !  ~ around $6 on sale right now!


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