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Miss Spa- Detox //The Seaweed Bath Co.

While scrolling through the sheet and face mask hashtags on Instagram, I came across someone wearing one by Miss Spa. I thought that the overall look of the mask was interesting. They look as if they have some special type of texture covering them. I had to try one!

I also decided that this time I would also be doing a mineral soak with a “The Seaweed Bath Co.” product.

trim.7A7F41ED-6656-49CD-940D-25A0A51FF94B.gif          Opening the bath packet, I was instantly greeted by a pleasant and minty scent. I dumped the packet in the water, but it definitely needed help dispersing. It was clumping up in a pile. Initially it was an unappealing dirt color, but after some help it toned out into a soft green.


While the water was getting ready, I went onto the mask. I knew that it was going to have a backing, based on the conversation I had with the IG user about the mask. However, my mask was folded up strange, and actually was a challenge to unravel from the backing. 😦 The whole thing was saturated, so it made a slippery mess. The mask isn’t fragile, exactly, but it is a lot thinner than it appears in the pictures.

Getting the mask onto my face was a challenge because it still wanted to fold into itself. It kept going on at weird angles, and the whole experience was a little difficult! The scent was nice though, and once it got on, it stayed on! There was no noticeable sensation after the mask was on. No cooling or stinging like I would expect for a “detox” mask.

So, back to the bath. The minty scent went away by the time I tried out the water. In fact, the water now smelled a little iffy. Kinda’ like when you catch a fish in a bucket with some pond water. That’s probably the most accurate description of the scent! (Yuck!) The water felt nice though!


My skin felt generally clean, and definitely tighter on my face. The aloe scent lingered for awhile after patting the residue from the mask onto my face. No breakouts or reactions, so that’s always a plus! The bath made my skin felt hydrated, as it claimed. I usually take very hot baths that dry out my legs easily- so the bath packet definitely offset a lot of the normal dryness. If you can deal with the smell, it was actually a really pleasant soak! (and the bath smell did NOT linger on me! 😉 )

Get Your Own:

The mask  ($2.99)and the seaweed bath can both be found at Target. I picked them both up at my local store, where I was able to purchase an individual packet. If you want packets and not the whole tub for the seaweed bath, you can get it here.

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