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Beauteque Monthly- Mask Maven Unbox

AHHH! So excited to have my first arrival from Beauteque!

So, this is a monthly subscription service called “Mask Maven”. You get an assortment of nine masks from Taiwan and Korea. I originally found them while cruising CrateJoy, looking for some great skincare subs. Masks? Yes, please!

My “box” came in this nice little package:


I really like the simple and elegant design. The little bag keeps all the goodies together, and the inserts are great, too! One of the inserts tells you about each mask in your box, as well as the slight variety that some other people may have gotten in their box. The other insert is a cute calendar-esque type of planner that paces out your mask use for the month. It includes helpful “pro tips” for skincare, helpful facts, and some cute inspirational quotes.   Alright, onto my haul this month!





So excited to get another one of these! I recently reviewed this exact mask from FaceQ, which I actually REALLY loved. No problem having doubles in my life when I really enjoyed them!








The Cat Wrinkle mask is another double for me, and one I will probably be giving out as a gift to a family member- but I am SUPER excited to try the other mask. According to the insert provided in the box, the panda mask is called  Animal Warming Eye Mask, by Shining Natural Purity (SNP). Supposedly it keeps warm for about 20 minutes! That sounds amazing, and I will review when I use it!!






These two masks immediately caught my eyes with their adorable packaging art! These are both by Y.E.T. One is the “Bee my Love” mask, which contains honey, to leave the skin soft and glowing. The other is the “Infant” mask, for anti-wrinkles. I have seen masks from this company before, but have never tried their products personally.







So, I’ve never tried a multi-step mask before, so this one has got me really interested. It claims to target skin’s moisture and elasticity. Can’t wait to try this one! Secret A Skin Guardian 3 Step Total Face Mask. This is a new company I haven’t heard of yet!






My Beauty Diary has a strong reputation, and I’ve always been very pleased with results from them. I have high hopes for this one, too. This one is a vanilla moisturizing mask, from their aroma series. I’m expecting it to be very fragrant!







I have heard a lot about SKINFOOD, and I am excited to try something from them. They have an interesting stance in working with food, and I’m not sure if Ginseng would be my first choice, simply because it’s not one of my favorite scents- but I will go in hopeful! If you’ve tried them before, comment below and share some of your thoughts or experiences!





I have never heard of Missha, but we use almond milk in my family all the time! I am aware of the benefits, and I have tried milk masks before as well! Although this mask doesn’t make me as excited to try  it as some of the others in this haul (boring packaging), I will be happy to give it a try!



Overall, I think that there could be some real potential winners in this box for me! I look forward to the opportunity of trying new masks, especially the multi-step one and the heating mask. These are new things for me and I can’t wait to share my thoughts!



Get Your Own:

You can subscribe to Mask Maven for about $13/mo.

Use this special code to get 10% off!! MMREFER10


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