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Alba fast fix/ SKINFOOD Watery Berry



So, out of all the recent masks I have just gotten in, I decided to try this one by alba. My husband and I actually use their face scrub as a morning routine -and have always been pleased by the maintenance of our adult acne that it provides. We don’t have terrible breakouts, just spots here and there.

Overall, alba seems to be a pretty solid company with their vegetarian-friendly ingredients!

From first opening the packaging, I could definitely pick up the citrus scents of what seemed to be lemon, and the advertised papaya scent. The mask had no backing, so I was on my own! It unfolded pretty easily though, and it wasn’t extremely delicate. No tears!

I have a rather round face so the mask didn’t fit quite right. It felt big, and too long, in some places. It would have better to have been provided slits for a custom fit! I know a lot of people will just cut the nose area shorter, too, but I’d rather complain! 😛

Immediately after I had the mask on my eyes were burning like crazy! May have been the salicylic acid in the mask, or the alcohol. Ouch! The mask also had a cooling effect.


-After the mask-

I received this sample by SKINFOOD with one of my MochiBeaute purchases earlier this week. I decided to try it out after my mask!

OMG this smells ahhhhh-mazing! So fragrant, just like berries! It goes on really smooth and was very “liquidy”.


There was tons of thick product leftover on my face when I peeled the mask off. It felt a little tacky, but my skin was definitely clean. The stinging stopped when the mask came off.  Would definitely use this one again just because it left my skin feeling generally really good afterwards- despite the burning!!!

The serum from SKINFOOD made my face feel really moisturized and healthy! Plus, it gave my face a nice smell. When I woke up the next morning, my skin was super clear and had a nice shine. I didn’t even need to use a scrub in the morning.


Get Your Own:

The alba mask can be purchased from Target~ $3.49

Watery Berry Serum by SKINFOOD on Amazon ~$20.10




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