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FaceTory January


Recently subscribed to this wonderful service!

FaceTory offers two different “boxes”.  You can go with a basic plan, “FOUR-ever Fresh” or their premium package, “Seven Lux”.

Because I’m just trying it out for now, I went with the basic plan! Ohmygoodness, they have FAST shipping. I decided to opt-in on the last day for the January box, and it was in my mailbox on Feb. 2! Awesome!

So here are my “FOUR-ever Fresh”masks for their January box:


The value of these masks for the service is great! (the Leaders amino mask is almost the entire price for the box, alone!) I am excited to try these masks out. I have never tried a “double mask” before, so we shall see how this goes! I will add reviews as I make my way through my massive mask pile! 😀

Get Your Own:

Check our their plans on FaceTory!

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