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Okay, this is officially one of the most unique products I have tried in awhile!


Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch by TONYMOLY.

Why not?!

So first, the packaging. These big lucious pink lips are exactly what I wanted to try to fit across my mouth. They promise soft, smooth and kissable lips. 💋

Upon opening the packaging, you’re greeted by a chemical smell. Hm. OMG, they are so jelly-like. Like when you were little, and got those sticky toys from the 25-cent machines from the front of the grocery store. Sticky and jelly and strange. I resisted the urge to try and stick it to the wall and see how long it stayed. 😂

Once I got over how weird they felt over my mouth- actually getting the product to stay there was a challenge in of itself. They kept sliding off to a point that I had to keep my head looking straight up! Eventually though, I found that if I made a suction of air gently between my lips, they would stay. They do have a slit in the middle to make this is a doable method, thankfully.

What, I have to stay like that for 15-20 minutes???!

The best advice I can give for passing time with this product is to find great places to take silly selfies. Time will go by a lot faster , and this product is really fun!


I really think these are more fun than they are effective. While my lips looked really shiny and glossy, they didn’t feel super smooth and soft. They were tightened, if anything… but not any other result that a quick application of lip balm couldn’t do faster …and better. However, I think this product is so quirky and cute, I would probably buy again for the fun factor! Going to try and keep these as a prop for my teaching 😍!!!


Get Your Own:

You can buy these cute lips at Skin18  ~ $4.20

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