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Secret A Skin Guardian 3 Step Total Facial Mask


Ooooh, man! A 3-step mask! I’m not use to having to work so hard to get a mask on! This one was really interesting to me. I liked the packaging, and the fact that it comes with a cleanser, serum, and a mask! Really convenient!

So, first the cleanser. It went on almost like a soft butter. It smelled like a sweet perfume, I was really impressed. Already my face felt clean, so I would love this as a daily cleanser in a bottle! Then came the serum. It didn’t really have a scent, and went on thick. Seemed to absorb into my skin pretty quickly though. It was not overly suffocating to my pores, which was great.




The actual mask, Step 3, went on pretty smoothly. Thick enough to adjust without tearing.  It smelled a lot like the cleanser. After a few moments it started to sting a little. My face was feeling pretty tingly.



Result:  1jic0q

After taking off the mask, my skin felt very sticky. Most likely because of Step 2, with the serum. My skin felt nice and tight, but also weighed down. It was a little uncomfortable, but it looked healthy. Overtime, it felt smoother and generally better. Probably better to use this one at night so that it doesn’t interfere with your makeup routine in the morning!


Get Your Own:

Purchase this mask from Skin18– ~$2.20

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