face masks

y.e.t Don’t Worry Mask Sheet (bee my love)

I was so excited to try out this mask by y.e.t.! Love the cute little cupid bee on the package! Actually, I love everything on the packaging! Too adorable!!



No backing to help me out on applying this mask- but it went on okay on its own. The fit was a little strange around my mouth area. I wouldn’t say it smelled exactly like honey, but it did have a sweet fragrance that was really nice. Upon application, I didn’t have any burning sensation on my skin, so I was very hopeful for this one!! Also, I love those little slits on the corners of the eyes- looks pretty cool. Lots of slits for ultimate customization around the face. Still had issues with the mouth area, though.




After awhile, the mask kept peeling up at the sides, not lying flat for me. I consistently use the same toner before all masks, so I’m not sure what was causing it this time! Like my son’s bear towel? Get it? Because bears like honey?

Haha, I’m hilarious. 


Some of the claims for this product are brightened, nourished and moisturized skin.

So, this one was great. It wasn’t too sticky after taking it off, so I feel like the residue soaked in timely. Left an AWESOME shine on my skin, and it looked glowing. The skin was a little firmed, but mostly just sooo soft. Love iiiiit!~ Will definitely purchase again because of my results!

Get Your Own:

Purchase this mask from beauteque ~ $1.99


(and if totally want that towel- it is by Circo. Can be found on either Amazon or eBay. Couldn’t find it on Target online anymore, sorry!)  🙂

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