face masks



Okay, can we take a moment to admire how beautiful and strange this packaging is? I love how it opens like a card, and has a message inside. Also, look at the character’s face. Just…disturbing and lovely, all at once. Hah! Please make sure you take a moment to take a closer look at those pictures, I think the company did a beautiful job.

Oookay, jelly masks are definitely not my thing, I have found out. I’m just really put off by the gooey texture. What did I expect  with a jelly mask? Haha, I’m not sure.

It went on easily with the spatula, spreading out super quickly and evenly. I kept adding on to the layers, not really sure how to estimate how much was enough, even with the directions. It had a pleasant rose scent. I had to touch up areas with my fingertips, and had to keep wiping the product off of my eyebrows, nose, and under-eye area because I didn’t know how it would dry other than the instructions online saying to “scrape with a little force”. (didn’t want to lose my eyebrows!)


img_9871It was okay, but never really dried, even after 40 minutes. (Directions say about 15-30 minutes.) Maybe I put too much on, and that could have been the overall problem! I just really couldn’t commit any more time to this jelly mask, especially because of my little munchkin creating havoc out of his boredom!

My skin DID feel pretty soft, but really not anything special compared to the results I have had from sheet masks. You can get more than one use out of this, so that is a plus!

Get Your Own:

Get this jelly mask from MochiBeaute  ~ $4.50


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