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Holika Holika 3D Medi Pore Closing Ampoule Mask


Love the beautiful design of the package. It has an interesting shape, and eye-catching color contrasting going for it. I am totally on that charcoal craze right now for skincare! Was super excited to try this one.

The Holika Holika 3D Medi Pore Closing Ampoule Mask claims that it is pore closing, moisturizing, and that it balances skin and absorbs sebum (face oils).

This mask smells pretty great, very fresh. It’s a thick black mask and has tons of extra length. Your chin is almost cupped/cradled by the mask’s design. All comfy and snug!


The long extra strips on the mask were a little confusing to me at first, because I have never seen that design before! I pulled the strips around to make it tighter on my face. I’m not super sure what they were for, but I assumed to really customize the fit? If you know more about this product design, please comment and share your knowledge!! ❤

The eye area was not quite perfect for my face shape, and I had to peel it back a little to fit my eyes. There was a slight burning sensation on my skin once it was applied.




I really enjoyed the experience this mask offered, overall. I really feel like two out of four of this product’s claims can’t really be measured all that easily. The balance of my skin, and the sebum absorption are things I had to assume were going to happen! I have a pretty thorough skincare routine, and this product didn’t interfere in anyway with the next morning makeup- so that’s good!

As for the other two claims, I definitely had tightened pores. My skin also felt soft and moisturized!


Get Your Own:

You can purchase this mask at beauteque ~ $3.50

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