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WHITE CAT Vita-White 2 Times Mask // DR. BRANDT Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant




Before trying a mask this time, I tried the Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant that I received in my BoxyCharm box. This is exactly why I love that subscription- you get some very nice and high-quality products for a good price. ❤



This product feels as what I imagine it feels like if you were rubbing grains of sand into your face. It was sharp and a little painful.  However, I still felt compelled to try it over my lips, as an exfoliant. (Which I don’t know if that is okay to do- but I did it anyways. )  It smells pretty good to me, although some other reviewers compare it to Lysol or Pledge. You don’t need to use a lot to massage it around on your skin, so I think I will be able to use this product many times before it is empty. Read results in result section below.



I’m a huge fan of anything cute. So, this whole design that White Cat has going on for it totally made me want to try it out. Packaging is very important to me because it makes me go for the initial purchase of a product. Especially since I am still new to the whole world of Asian skincare…I’m still in that “pick-n-choose/ eeny meeny miny mo” stage.




This mask really did smell like berries. It’s a very fruity scent, but not overwhelming once it is applied. The mask was drenched in product. After application, my face felt very cold! There is no backing to this mask to help you put it on, but there are slits to make it a more customized fit. It was a little challenging to unravel. The mask went on well, but wrinkled up around the edges.




Dr.Brandt’s product was wonderful. My skin felt so fresh and clean, and perfectly soft. My lips were even softened, haha. The normal price on this product is not so budget friendly, though. While I love using it, I probably won’t repurchase unless offered at a huge discount.

When I took off the mask, the mask was still really drenched in product. 15 minutes later, my face still felt tacky and wet. Although my skin felt tighter, hydrated, and healthy, it also felt weighed down by the product. In the morning, my skin had finally seemed to absorb the product, and my complexion was brightened. The product claims 2x the whitening with darkened or damaged skin. Overall, I think it definitely helped to even out my color and provide some life to my natural skin’s look.

Get Your Own:

Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant – Ulta ~ $79 (although I got it through BoxyCharm for the subscription fee of $21 😀 )

WHITE CAT Vita-White 2 Times Mask – skin18 ~$2.60


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