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Berrisom Oops Soda Bubble Mask (Poretox)



I have heard a lot about bubble masks, and I had to try one! I love new experiences with special types of masks. I also love the bright colors contrasted with the black on this packaging. Visually very appealing. I really had no idea what to expect with a soda bubble mask other than that it would somehow “bubble”.





Wow, that is some LIME GREEN. I like that it actually looks like the art on the packaging. This one smells amazing to me! It actually reminds me of the fizzy soda candies I have tried from Japan. A very sweet and sugary scent. It was pretty easy for me to unravel despite being a gooey mess. My wrists were drenched in the product before it got onto my face!




Again, true to the picture on the packaging, the mask doesn’t actually do the full face. It covers the lower half of the face, and up the bridge of the nose. It has some sort of dark spots on the sides of the mask, I’m assuming it has to do with the activation of the product. It instantly started to make a fizzling and popping sound, and oh- the foam!!!


This stuff really foams up, and quick!! It was practically dripping off my face in no time! It was about here that I started analyzing how my skin was feeling. It went a little like this:

  • (1 minute) Gently and lightly tingling. Not bad, pretty gentle, and not burning.
  • (3 minutes) Starting to burn a little more. A little too foamy and drippy. Uncomfortable.
  • (5 minutes) Oh my gosh, my face is burning!!!
  • (7 minutes) It’s getting harder to breathe with all this foam, and my face is still on fire!


Clearly, my skin was reacting to this product, but I held out for the end! (The minimum of 10 minutes, anyways)

The mask was working so strong that it was literally pulling residue of mascara out of my skin and eye area. In the picture, you can see the dark line at the top of mask line. Crazy!



Wow!!! My skin really felt CLEAN, fresh, and thankfully…breathable! The pores were visually smaller and less noticeable. My skin felt tighter and overall complexion improved. It also left my skin feeling sooo soft! The claims on this product is to deep clean and detox your pores- and I think I definitely had those results this time! Totally in-love with my skin after using this!

Get Your Own:

You can purchase this mask from skin18 ~$3.00

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