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no:hj Golden Modelling Foil Mask

The packaging for this golden foil mask is absolutely gorgeous! And sparkly. On front and back!!!

I like sparkly. 

So, I have seen masks that play off of being “gold foil” or “golden” before. I would get jealous every time I would see the pictures of other people trying these on in the past because they looks so beautiful! Had to try my own!




It didn’t feel like “foil” in the sense that I think of foil, but it was a different texture than normal mask, for sure. Rather soft, but scaly. The scent was pretty neutral, and the mask was quite drenched in product.  My hands were soaked, and I had a difficult time unraveling the mask to get it onto my face.



The fit was just -okay- on this mask. It felts really bulky in some areas, especially around my nose area and around my eyes. No sensation or burning after application. I did like the fit around the edges of the mask though. Usually masks are “all up” in my hair, past my hairline. This one bordered my face nicely, staying clear of my hair.



Overall, I was pretty disappointed that it didn’t make me look like a golden goddess. Those were my expectations. I felt more like a golden fish. Ho hum.



My skin looked brighter and felt nice. No issues with breaking out. Complexion was calm and glowing. My skin didn’t feel particularly weighed down at all with the remaining product. The products claims are for moisturizing and clearing up skin, and I think it definitely provided that.

I think I still have to find my perfect golden mask out there, somewhere, though!

Get Your Own:

You can get one for yourself at beauteque ~$2.80

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