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Leaders Pore-Scaling Black Aqua// F-Bomb!


So I tried these two products in the same night, and decided to pair their reviews together.


img_1575Pore-Scaling Black Aqua

The mask, by Leaders, didn’t seem like anything special now that I have seen my fair share of masks- especially black masks. To me, the packaging isn’t all that interesting, but I do like how clearly they show their targets for the mask. Upon opening, the smell wasn’t too strong and actually smelled pretty good. It has customizing slits for the fit, and actually fit surprisingly well! I actually considered it quite comfortable.

There was no backing to keep the shape, but it went on pretty easily. No immediate stinging or reactions. The mask did wrinkle lightly right away.




F Bomb

The “F-Bomb” caught my attention earlier in the day, when I was strolling through Target. Obviously the name cracked me up! However, the more I learned about the product, the more interested I was. I really liked that it was started by females. Young, go-getter types that bring a powerful and positive image for young females. I also love that it promises a message inside the bath bomb. How sweet!

Check out their Instagram.




The whole bathroom started smelling like cheap lavender when I dropped it into the water. Nothing wrong with that, as it is a scent I’m use to in products.I loved the color explosion, and it was genuinely fun. I waited for my message to pop up, and that made the experience a little more exciting!




For the mask, my pores on my nose looked smaller. This is always my target area with pore-focused masks. I was happy with the result there. My skin generally felt clean, but my face was also slightly sticky from the product. It took awhile to soak in. It left my skin feeling softer and tighter as well. Would I buy it again? I’m not sure, as I have tried other products that hit my nose area even better. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible mask though.

As for the bath bomb, taking a bath is always relaxing! The scent and colors were a nice touch. It was an overall wonderful night paired with the mask! I was happy to buy the product to support young girls, and their business adventures…and honestly it was more about that than any other expectation for the product. =)

❤ Here was my message that floated to the surface of the water:


“It may not be easy, but it’s worth it.”

True, that. 

Get Your Own:

At the time of writing this, it seems like it might be a little tricky to purchase the mask at a fair price! I believe I bought it at skin18, but they appear to be sold out at the moment (3/1/2017). You can try a general search at Amazon or  eBay . I don’t typically spend over $5 for a mask, so I would wait it out for some websites to restock.

Get the F Bomb from Target ~ $4.99, or you can check out their own website, which is really cute, by the way.

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