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A’PIEU Chocolate Milk One Pack Mask



So, this is another one of those masks that I bought because I thought the packaging was adorable. A’pieu! I love that the packaging makes it appear 3-D, although it most definitely lays flat. I also how the style is pretty clean, printing the details on the side, almost like a nutritional label. Very cool!




After opening the mask, I think it smelled a lot more like some sort of coconut instead of chocolate. However, my nose has been pretty stuffy, so I could be really off on identifying that scent. Whatever it was, it smelled like it was rich in flavor- even if I couldn’t eat it. The mask was very soft. It is a cotton mask, and holds a lot of serum. The fit was okay. The eye area was a bit large on the sides, but the custom slits made application pretty easy.




This product claims to smooth and soothe skin, purifying it to be clear, silky and bright. After masking, my skin felt well moisturized. It also felt a little tightened, and had a nice lingering fragrance. The product absorbed well, and my face didn’t feel sticky at all. It was like I  had applied my daily  serum, and was set to go! This mask would make a great morning one because it doesn’t require all that wait time for absorption afterwards. Also goes great with a glass of chocolate milk. 😉


Get Your Own:

Try it for yourself from MaskSheets ~ $2.00



3 thoughts on “A’PIEU Chocolate Milk One Pack Mask

  1. I have been wanting to try this line! The packaging is so cute 😍😍😍 I haven’t seen anyone say it’s holy grail status or anything but it sounds solid. I’m kind of disappointed bc it sounds like the varieties are all similar.

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    1. I know!! Packaging on this is so clever!! Yeah, I don’t think I will repurchase this specific one anytime soon because I have so many mask to still try, but it was worth trying out!!! I was thinking of picking up the other ones in the future though, just to see! Kinda eyeing the strawberry one ❤. I’ll be sure to review if I do!!

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