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Ariul 7days Mask- Green tea



The 7days Mask-Green tea, by Ariul, has a nice and simple design for the packaging. I like how it is set up like a newspaper article. It’s text-heavy, but it looks very pleasing because we are so accustom to print being displayed this way. I simply really like just looking at it!




When I opened this one up, I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite lotions/body washes from when I was much younger. Like, I’m talking middle-schooler. Hah! It smells so much like the Te Tao Body Lotion that I looooved once upon a time! It’s just an overall calming and pleasant tea scent. My package had tons of product inside, and the consistency appeared more like lotion in the package. Although it had custom slits for making the application easier, I felt like this mask was just way too big for my face! Immediately my face started to tingle with a light burning sensation. Nothing too bad, thankfully!




This mask claims to have sebum control and peeling effects, overall improving your complexion. It is also free of many extra additives, so that’s a plus if you’re carefully looking at what goes on your face.

My face felt very moisturized and cooled afterwards. I was also smelling pretty amazing still! However, not much else could be seen at the time as far as results. In the following days, I also didn’t really see any improved control of the oils on my face. It just didn’t do much for me, but I love that scent!

Get Your Own:

You can get it at Peach&Lily ~$3


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