face masks

SNP- Animal Dragon Soothing Mask




As you may or may not know, I love character sheet masks! Overtime, I have become fond of Shining Natural Purity (SNP) masks. This one looked particularly fun, because who doesn’t want to be a majestic dragon?! I like the preview of the mask and simple design of the packaging.





Look at that color! So vivid before I even had opened it up! It had a simple soapy smell, nothing too fragrant. The overall feel of the mask was a bit thick, which I also like my masks to be. There were custom slits to assist in the fit, and the fit was good. Upon application, I experienced a cooling sensation- with no burning! (Yay!) I also felt pretty wild, because I became a dragon for the next 15 minutes. ;D

Love the artwork!

The mask did start to dry up near the end of the time, which meant the edges start to wrinkle and fold out.


Awesome! The claims on this mask are for soothing and energizing skin.

My skin felt great, and looked glowing. Clear and healthy. The overall feel of my skin was soft, too. I didn’t have any tightening, but my nose area looked great with less visible pores! Very pleased with the results.

Get Your Own:

This mask can purchased be from Ulta ~ $5


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