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Tsaio Adzuki Beans Water Mask – Ivy


I’ll be honest, normally I wouldn’t go near anything blatantly advertising “beans” when it comes to skincare.

However, the adzuki bean is something near and dear to my heart. Not only is it a sweet bean, it has a nostalgia factor for me. My mother often would cook chocolate muffins jam-packed with cooked adzuki beans. It was our thing…and by “our thing”, of course I mean she would cook them and I would eat them. She hasn’t made them in years now, and I think it’s overdue!

Anyways, cute and simple packaging. Nothing too exciting or inviting, but it’s clean, and I like that.


This mask definitely smelled good. Not like beans. Sweet in a way, but more like an alcohol scent. It wasn’t overpowering though. I appreciate masks with backings. They peel off so easily and usually makes application easier, too. The mask feels very thin and delicate. It has almost too many custom slits because I really butchered getting this on one. It should’ve been easy! The nose on this mask was waaaaaay too long for my face, too. After getting it on, my face had a burning sensation but it never got unbearable.




This mask claims to firm up and brighten the skin.

My skin had an overall feeling of being healthy and nourished. It felt tightened and appeared brightened, as it claims to help do. My pores were still large on my nose though, and that always bothers me. It is usually a deciding factor for repurchase for me as well. Thanks for the memories though, my sweet adzuki beans!

Get Your Own:

This mask can be bought from Beauteque ~ $2.50



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